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My name is Tika Ayu Lieberty, come from Indonesia. My nick name is Tizz which I got called since I studied in the University. That is why I use my nickname in this blog.

Here I am, start to write my blog to spend my time at home. Besides that, this blog trains me to start writing my story and food recipes that I develop myself with the help of my husband.

I was hotelier that ever lived in different countries for almost 9 years. I used to live in Dubai City, Manama City, Berlin City, Hanover City, Accra City, and now I am in Kolkata City.

By living in different countries, I keep learning of different culture, cuisine, people, language and environment. It is not easy in the begining by having this all. While the time is keep ticking, I keep learning to adapt myself to the environment, people, language, food and so on.

I found out my passion in baking since I was in Germany in 2014. My mom-in-law taught me until one day she let me do by myself. Slowly but surely I learned a lot from her. Since then, I could cook easily by improving my skill day by day, organizing my kitchen counter when I am away from home kitchen.

By moving countries almost once in two years, we don't move our home stuff. I just managed to bring some important stuff with us because mostly the apartment is fully furnished. The best kitchen that I ever had was the one in Accra City and Manama City. The equipment is super complete. 

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