Thursday, April 13, 2017

Layered vanilla custard with cookies crumble

An easter celebration is on the weekend. I made small dessert for my other half. It was my second time making custard. The consistency is good; it is not so thick and not so watery.

My first custard was in Accra where I used it to make diplomat cream but it turned out not so good because the color of my diplomat cream is grey after I mixed the custard with whipping cream.

Here are the simplest ingredients of the custard and crumble

500 ml full cream milk
100 gr sugar
2 egg yolks
50 gr corn starch
5 ml vanilla essence / 1/2 pod of vanilla beans

Cookies crumble:
50 gr oreo/chocolate cookies
50 gr butter cookies
50 gr ground peanuts
50 gr melted butter/margarine
3-5 pieces raisin (garnish)

N.b. for the crumble, you may replace it with any kinds of muesli, corn flakes, granola, fruit puree as your wish.

The method as below:

1. In a heavy bottom pot, heat the milk with 1 tsp sugar and vanilla essence/vanilla bean until a little bubbly but NOT over heat it. Switch off the heat.

2. In a separate mixing bowl, beat egg yolks, sugar and corn starch. Beat it well.

3. Pour half of the milk mixture into the egg mixture slowly and carefully. Whisk them well. 

4. Add the egg mixture back into other half of milk mixture in the pot. 

5. Slowly heat the mixture for 2-4 minutes until it is thickened and keep whisking it to avoid the bottom part get burned.

6. Switch off the heat. Strain the custard into fresh bowl. 

7. Cover the custard with wrapping folio and chill it overnight or minimum 3-5 hours. 

8. The next day: mash the cookies in food processor or mash it with rolling pin. 

9. Add the melted butter/margarine into each mashed cookies. Mix them well.

10. Get a bowl/glass, assembly the cookies and custard as your wish and garnish it with fruits/dry fruits. 

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