Monday, May 8, 2017

Peanuts filling bun with sourdough starter and cold fermentation

After one week away from home, I miss my sourdough starter. I leave him for a week in the fridge and It grows pretty well. Today I am going to use it to bake peanuts filling bun. Let me make a try with one week sourdough starter. Before using it, I removed some out and feed it with fresh flour and water. It will be too sour for buns if I use one week old sourdough starter.

I fed the sourdough starter for two hours in room temperature. I mix it with the rest ingredients. I left it overnight in the fridge for cold fermentation.
Notes. For cold fermentation in order to avoid the dough dry out, I covered the bowl with wet towels and placed the bowl in a plastic bag.


Sourdough Starter feeding:

2 tbsp starter – 50 gr from the fridge
1 tbsp whole wheat flour -20 gr
2 tbsp all purpose flour / bread flour – 40 gr
3 tbsp water – 40 ml
Consistency starter – not too thick and not too watery. After feeding, I left the starter for 2 hours in room temperature. The starter showed bubble and increased in volume.  

Then I mixed it with the next ingredients as below: 

3 tbsp whole wheat flour – 45 gr
6 tbsp all purpose flour / bread flour – 100 gr
All starter ingredients from above
3/4 cup - 1 cup water/milk – 125 - 150 ml
1 tsp sugar
pinch salt
Consistency dough – a bit sticky dough. If it is too sticky for you, you may add 1-2 tbsp all purpose flour. 

50 gr ground peanuts
1 tbsp granulated sugar

Let the dough autolyse in room temperature for ½ hour, placed it in the fridge and cover with wet towel and place it in the plastic bag. Before I went to sleep, I folded the dough two times. Let it be in the fridge overnight.

The next morning, the dough has doubled in volume. I took out into the counter.

I divided them into eight pieces doughs. I dusted the counter top with flour. I took one piece of dough. Rolled it thin. Placed one teaspoon filling in the middle. Folded the edge of dough together and pinched them all in the middle and shaped it back into a ball shape. 

Placed the finished buns on the slightly flour dusted board/baking tray. 
The appearance of buns after shaping and filling
 I finished up the rest of the dough. Let the buns did the final proofing for one-two hours until it was double in volume.
The appearance of buns after 30 minutes proofing

The appearance of buns after 120 minutes proofing, one of the dough (top right) even opened up

Time to bake the buns on the non-stick pan. Pre-heat the pan for one minute. Place the buns slowly into the pan.
The disadvantage baking of non-stick pan is I cannot get the good shape of bun because I have to flip it over to bake it evenly.

Bake it with low heat for 5-8 minutes each side, then the side of the bread for 3 minutes. Add some butter to give glance on the buns.

The look of buns after baking

The inner look of the pan-baked buns (peanuts filling)

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